How to Select The Right Computer Repair Service

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Myrtle Beach Cojmputer Repair Technician How to Select The Right Computer Repair ServiceThere is nothing more frustrating than having a computer failure in the middle of a day’s work.  You need it fixed and you need it fixed now.  How do you know who to call for computer repair?

First let’s take a look at the common causes of computer crashes before we delve into how to find a good Myrtle Beach computer repair technician.

In most situations the cause of a computer failure is a virus.  This will not come as a surprise to most of us.  Computer hardware is actually pretty reliable and is usually not the actual problem that caused the crash.

Here are some things to look for to know if you have been attacked by a virus:

  • Is your computer running slower than normal?
  • Does your screen freeze and become unresponsive?
  • Are there programs that usually load quickly and are now taking what seems like forever to load?
  • Do you notice a lot of new popup windows?
  • Right in the middle of working does your computer unexpectedly reboot itself?
  • You get the blue screen of death.
  • Is your system sending error messages?

Most people think they are immune from a computer virus or being hacked. probably thought the same thing and millions of customers suffered this past Monday when their systems were compromised.

The first step is to run your anti-virus software if you suspect that you have a problem caused by virus.  Don’t have an anti-virus program installed?  Call us today for some good advice.  If you do have an anti-virus program and it shows there are no viruses on your system then you probably are experiencing a hardware failure and will need the services of a local computer repair technician.

How to choose the very best computer repair technician

Will they come to you?  No one wants to drive all over Myrtle Beach and then leave their computer for several days or even weeks to have their computer fixed.  If you can find an on-site technician you will save your travel time and often can be back up and running faster than dropping off your system at a computer repair shop.

Are they professional?  When you call for service are you treated with respect and are they able to schedule a time quickly?  When the technician arrived how were they dressed? Were they neat and did they have on a shirt or uniform that identified the company they represented?

Timing – were they able to schedule a time that is convenient to arrive at your home or office and determine the cause of the problem?  If they have to take your computer offsite for repair, did they give you a reasonable estimate of how long the computer repair would take?

Experience – how long has the computer repair technician been in business?  Are they certified in the type of system that you need repaired?  If necessary, do they have the ability to remove the data from your computer and then reinstall your information?  Note – if you are not backing up your data CALL us today.

Are they affordable?  Be sure and ask questions regarding the repair.  You don’t want to pay more for computer repair than it would cost to purchase a new unit.  Ask their opinion on the best route to take whether it is computer repair or a new computer.

Free evaluation – in many instances an evaluation of the problem can be performed remotely and a determination made before the technician makes a trip to your location.  When you call for service ask them if they have can do a remote analysis.

Guarantee – does the computer repair technician offer any kind of guarantee on their work.  How long is the guarantee or warranty good for?

The next time your computer is giving you a fit – don’t panic – give us a call.  We are your on-site computer repair shop.

One On One Computers
6251 Lindsey Road Myrtle Beach, SC 29588
(843) 215-2084

Your on-site computer repair source in Horry County!

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  1. Very informative especially on how to identify if the computer needs to be repaired, and then proceeding with advertising the computer repair services is very ingenious. This helps a lot in identifying, before making that house call.

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