Upgrade Or Replace A Desktop Computer?

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Decsktop C Upgrade Or Replace A Desktop Computer?Desktop Computer – Upgrade or Replace?

In today’s economic climate, home and business users can’t afford to simply throw away their old desktop computer and replace them with the newest model. Review these tips if your desktop computer is slowing down of if you are wondering if you need a newer model before investing your hard earned dollars in a new system.

On average a desktop computer has a lifespan of approximately two to five years.  This lifespan will depend on the type or unit you originally purchased, changes in software systems and their requirements and new hardware advances.  The first thing that desktop computer users usually notice is that their systems aren’t running as fast as they used to.  Another problem is disk storage space for documents, photos and videos.  Videos in particular take up a lot of space on your system and as you download videos stored on your cell phone or camera, you are taking up precious hard disk space.  These are the primary areas when consumers tend to start thinking about a new system.

You will want to look at all your options before you run out to your local computer store.  Compare the cost to upgrade your desktop computer to the cost of a new system and then decide what the best alternative for your situation is.

Guidelines For Upgrading Your Desktop Computer

There are several replaceable parts on a desktop computer as opposed to a laptop.  We will take a look at a few of these components, their cost and the east of installation.


Computer memory is the most cost effective and easiest component on your desktop computer to upgrade.  The concept is that the more memory your computer has, the more data it is capable of processing without having to access the virtual memory.  A quick definition of virtual memory is the memory that is swapped to and from your computer’s hard drive to do the necessary processing for the current task.  At the time you purchased your computer you probably thought you had plenty of memory.  Over time you may be doing more and more processing and you system “appears” to be slowing down.  Adding additional memory could solve this problem.  (Don’t you wish it was that easy with our human brains?)

The cost of a memory upgrade will vary depending on the type of memory that is utilized by your desktop computer and the additional memory you would like to have added. This is one of the least expensive upgrades you can do for your system.  Memory can be easily added by a knowledgeable desktop computer user, however, if you are not one who likes to get inside your system, you will want to call a computer repair professional.

Hard Drives

Next to a memory upgrade, adding additional space is the easiest upgrade you can do for your desktop computer.  The average consumer’s use of hard drive space has doubled over the past few years thanks to video, audio and picture collection.  A good solution for this problem is to purchase an external hard drive and move some of your information off the main unit.  Keep in mind that external hard drives can be damaged, so you will want to ensure that you also have a good backup of your data.  Another alternative is to purchase an internal hard drive and have it installed by a computer repair professional.  If you are utilizing a backup system (and you should be) make sure that the backup is adjusted to include the additional internal hard drive.

CD/DVD Drives

When it comes to the cost of upgrades, this is one of the least expensive changes you can make to your desktop computer.  You can add DVD burner to your system for around $30 not including installation.  This will give you another option for offloading data stored on your desktop computer that is not needed on a regular basis.

Video Cards

This is one upgrade that is usually not needed by the average desktop computer user unless you are into gaming.  There have been some real advances with computer games and if this is one of your passions and you are thinking about purchasing a new computer just for your games, you may want to consider simply upgrading the video card.  This would also apply if you are working with 3D software applications.


This is one of the least useful upgrades for a desktop computer.  The process is intricate and is difficult to be done by most computer users.  In many instances you will be restricted from upgrading the CPU by the type of motherboard on your computer.  Check with your local computer repair professional to see if an upgrade to the CPU (central processing unit) of your computer would be a cost effective alternative to purchasing a new computer.

Time to Replace?

On average the cost to upgrade a desktop computer is 50% of the cost to replace the computer.  Unless you have money to spend, upgrading your computer is a great alternative to purchasing a new unit.  After all, there will be a newer and better system on the market tomorrow and trying to keep up with the latest and greatest can be a very expensive proposition.

If you are planning to purchase a new computer, you will want to check out our article on choosing the best desktop computer and our article on recycling your old computer.

One On One Computers will be glad to help you with the upgrade of your desktop computer.  Give us a call today for a free quote.

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  1. This post has been very helpful. We have had some problems with one of our desktop units and I was trying to decide if I should upgrade. I think I will give you a call and have you check it out instead.

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