Do You Have Things Hiding On Your Computer Hard Drive?

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Computer Clutter Do You Have Things Hiding On Your Computer Hard Drive?Almost all of us spend a lot of time using our computers for everything from music and movies to sampling new software. Think about all the times you’ve accepted a free trial of some software or program. That’s all well and good, but it leads to lots of clutter on your computer hard drive that you will want to get rid of. Here are a few tips on eliminating those big files that are unwanted and taking up valuable space on your computer.

 Cleaning Up And Removing Duplicate Files From Your Computer Hard Drive

 In the same way that you can let stuff pile up on your desk or office shelves, stuff can also accumulate on your hard drive over time. Software can leave dumps or temporary files that have no purpose to you. Larger files take up space and duplicate files make it hard to search for the file you’re actually looking for. These files can make backups very sluggish, making online backup service painfully slow.

WinDirStat is a program that will analyze your computer hard drive and then display it in a way you can see and understand so you can get rid of the stuff you don’t want. The directory list is kind of similar to Windows Explorer tree view, but it breaks it down by the size of the file or folder. You’ll be able to easily see the treemap, which will show the directory tree contents. It uses different colored squares that are various sizes. If you click on a particular square, it will reveal the name of the folder or file and will highlight it in the above tree. It even has an extension list to help you know what kind of file it is and even any stats about it.

WinDirStat is for Windows computers only, but we recommend Disk Inventory X if you’re running a Mac.

You may also want to know about a program called Easy Duplicate Finder, which will help you locate and get rid of duplicate files taking up space. You’ll be shocked at the sheer number of duplicate Word Documents, Excel spreadsheets, mp3’s and even pictures there are hiding out on your computer. Deleting these files not only frees up your computer to run much faster, but also eliminates confusion when you’re looking for files. Easy Duplicate Finder will warn you if it sees that you are getting ready to delete a system file or something else that could have negative results for you. It will let you have the choice to just drag it to the trash rather than deleting off the hard drive.

One other utility called Windows Disk Cleanup is also quite helpful in finding temporary files that need to be deleted. It doesn’t find duplicate files, just ones that are unnecessary to you. If you would like to try this utility out on your Windows PC, just  go to My Computer, right-click a hard drive, select Properties and finally, click the Disk Cleanup button. If you have Vista, Disk Cleanup can be seen on the Start menu.

Finally, try using the Window Add/Remove option to delete or uninstall files and programs you don’t use. This will free up lots of computer hard drive space. You will be amazed at how much space is eaten up by large or otherwise useless files, so before you go purchase more

One On One Computers provides you with great tips for keeping your computer hard drive from failing but a computer failure will happen – when it does give us a call and we will be right over!

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  1. binaryman says:

    Directory Report can find hidden files when run as an Administrator
    It is faster than WinDirStat and
    it can find duplicate files
    No need for two programs

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