More Cyber Security Awareness Tips

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Last week we brought attention to Cyber Security Awareness Month by informing you of some of the most common threats and giving you tips on how to avoid them.

Today we will give you more general tips on how to keep your small business or home computer protected at all times.

Must Do’s For Cyber Security

cyber security remove clutter 300x172 More Cyber Security Awareness TipsAlways keep your computer up-to-date and free of clutter.  Your programs should be the latest version.  In most instances you will receive an email when there is a new version of any software program you have registered.  Don’t ignore these emails thinking that you will get to them another day.  Make it a habit to download any new updates as soon as they come in.  This includes your anti-virus programs.  With most of these programs you will see a pop-up on your task bar when there is a new version available and you will want to update your current program as soon as you see this warning.  Make sure that your anti-virus program is running at all times. Don’t have a current anti-virus program?  Call One On One today for assistance.

Many programs come with an automatic update option.  Make sure this option is turned on when you install the software sine this is the best way to prevent a risk to your computer.

Computer virus More Cyber Security Awareness TipsWe have said it before – stay away from anything that looks suspicious.  This includes emails, download files, Facebook links, Twitter posts and websites.  You can avoid putting yourself at risk by avoiding these links.  Don’t do anything with the link except delete it.  If it is an email, you will want to report it as spam and then delete it or send to your junk folder.

This is similar to the step just mentioned – avoid any emails that you are not expecting or from sources which you are not familiar.  The most common threat to your cyber security is email phishing and spam.  Always check to see if the email is real before you submit any personal information.  If you get an email from your bank and suspect that it is not legitimate, call the bank before responding.  The federal government, IRS and shipping companies would NEVER ask for personal information in an email.  If you see an email from a friend that is out of context for them, give them a call.  An ounce of prevention can save you a ton of headache!

Keep any device that is connected to the internet protected.  With smartphones, Ipads and tablets all synching with our computer, you will want to make sure they are safe also.  If you have a device lost or stolen, report it immediately and make sure that the connection from your computer to the device is severed.

Always scan an external device such as a USB drive is scanned before you open any files from that source. In most cases your anti-virus program will prompt you to scan the device as soon as it is plugged into your computer.  Never ignore this prompt.  There are many instances of consumers using an external drive in a public locations such as the library and bringing back a virus to their home or business computer.  A few minutes of prevention can save you a lot of time.

No matter how cautious we are everyone is infected at one time or another.  If you suspect that your computer has been compromised give us a call and we will be glad to check it out for you.  Our customers cyber security is our goal.

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